Community Association Management: The Concept

Although the phrase is commonly used among homeowners, not everyone might be well versed with the concept. So what exactly is community association management? And what does someone with that job title do? Let us try to find out.

 The Meaning

It’s hard to give a precise definition of the concept. It amalgamates project management, financial aid, and customer service. The administrationoversees a community’s operations, business management, budget, common areas, and services. The position also entails the provision of administrative support and communication.

 The Function of the Management

  • The primary responsibility is to supervise the care and maintenance of the property’s facilities and services. This includes budgeting, managing the maintenance staff, and tracking the vendors.
  • Assisting in administrative tasks such as managing communications, installing signage, appointing a tax preparer or attorney to represent the organization.
  • Helping in decision-making by scheduling and coordinating board meetings, preparing reports in advance, and researching community issues. It could also entail taking minutes of the meetings and planning the future course of action.
  • The community association management also includes supervisory functions such as collecting fees from the owners or undertaking occasional site or equipment inspections.
  • Other responsibilities include tracking communications amongst homeowners. This might consist of any correspondence via email, telephones, newsletters, or posted fliers. The management might also provide special services as demanded by the homeowners.

The Importance

Community management demands time, diverse skills, and appropriate certification. It’s also the backbone of a well-functioning community, as well as the lubricant that keeps it going. Communities may begin to fall apart if they are not adequately managed. The management personnel relieve the strain on the community members by managing different chores. Communities help the residents to live happily and form an amicable bond with the neighborhood. It establishes a friendly environment for all residents that promote security and safety.


We hope by now you have a good understanding of community management. By knowing the community’s requirements, one can decide if they need management services. Picking up a community management business with expertise and proximity to the region might prove to be beneficial.

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