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Characteristics, functioning and advantages of Microservices Architecture

In computer science, as we know, Enterprise-type applications generally consist of three main components – client side interface, database, server side application.

Microservices architecture

Operations such as http requests, the execution of the domain logic, the recovery and updating of data from the database and the sending of information to the graphical interface are carried out internally by the server-side application.

These reasons have pushed many towards the search for an ever more agile, fast development process able to cope in a timely manner with any changes and which would have a minimal impact on the entire system, thus leading to the birth of microservice architectures.

Interior Design

The Interior Design Services microservices architecture can be defined as the approach to developing an application made up of many small independent services that interact and communicate with each other by exchanging messages. The centralized management of the application is reduced to the bare minimum and therefore its microservices can be implemented using different programming languages ​​and different data management technologies, as well as being put into production independently from the other microservices.

There is not just one way to define microservices, but various definitions depending on the perspective from which they are analyzed. For example, if we look at the internal production infrastructure, the microservice should be that application unit that can be developed, deployed and put into production independently of the other microservices.

Even if the applications designed and implemented with microservices concern a recent aspect, the idea of ​​having distributed and small-sized functionalities brings us back to the philosophy, which emphasizes three aspects useful for thinking about microservices. These aspects can be summarized as follows:

A program should do one and only one task, but do it extremely well. Programs should be able to work and interact together and a universal interface should be used.

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